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I'm feeling ashamed. This is another ACE book that has been in a pile for literally months. Months!! I think actually I will blame Book Biscuit for this because he’s RUBBISH at being organised. Yes, it's all HIS fault. Anyway, we really loved the look of WE ARE GIANTS... Continue Reading →


Book Biscuit really likes it when he finds a good story and finishes reading it all by himself in one day so BILLY BUTTON, TELEGRAM BOY went down a treat. There's an historical flavour to this book too which is really nice; Billy Button’s... Continue Reading →


We really like Jacqueline Wilson's books in our house; we like the grit and the determination and the good endings. And Book Biscuit is a sucker for the lovely, decorative names of the characters in these Victorian-set books too. Clover... Continue Reading →

Claude Going for Gold

Book Biscuit is really excited! Not just because he’s read Claude Going for Gold for the THIRD time in a row, but also because we have our very own, SIGNED copy! Lucky us! If you’ve yet to discover these books; the Claude stories... Continue Reading →


In George, Alex Gino tells a sensitive and enlightening story about how it feels to be a transgender* child. Book Biscuit and I LOVE everything about this amazing book! From the pure white cover with ping-y kaleidoscopic letters to the... Continue Reading →


Book Biscuit and I were feeling SO bored with things like avoiding tidying our rooms and washing our breakfast bowls and then—BOOM!!—we found a proof copy of Cogheart by Peter Bunzl in our READ ME pile! From that moment on, our... Continue Reading →

The Boy in the Dress

Book Biscuit and I think The Boy in the Dress is AWESOME so we had to bring it along with us on our exciting new bloggy, biscuity, adventure! We also know for a fact, that this sort of story is... Continue Reading →

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