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Today’s the day we Remember... Yesterday though, I wasn't convinced that the little people in our house (the actual ones, not just the biscuit kind) really understood what that means... Having given them a few coins for their poppies last week they have... Continue Reading →


Book Biscuit really likes it when he finds a good story and finishes reading it all by himself in one day so BILLY BUTTON, TELEGRAM BOY went down a treat. There's an historical flavour to this book too which is really nice; Billy Button’s... Continue Reading →


We really like Jacqueline Wilson's books in our house; we like the grit and the determination and the good endings. And Book Biscuit is a sucker for the lovely, decorative names of the characters in these Victorian-set books too. Clover... Continue Reading →

Claude Going for Gold

Book Biscuit is really excited! Not just because he’s read Claude Going for Gold for the THIRD time in a row, but also because we have our very own, SIGNED copy! Lucky us! If you’ve yet to discover these books; the Claude stories... Continue Reading →


In George, Alex Gino tells a sensitive and enlightening story about how it feels to be a transgender* child. Book Biscuit and I LOVE everything about this amazing book! From the pure white cover with ping-y kaleidoscopic letters to the... Continue Reading →


Book Biscuit and I were feeling SO bored with things like avoiding tidying our rooms and washing our breakfast bowls and then—BOOM!!—we found a proof copy of Cogheart by Peter Bunzl in our READ ME pile! From that moment on, our... Continue Reading →

You Must Bring A Hat

You Must Bring A Hat, written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Kate Hindley has made it through to our review list because of the pure JOY that Book Biscuit got from it! He thought the joke towards the end was SO funny that he... Continue Reading →

The Boy in the Dress

Book Biscuit and I think The Boy in the Dress is AWESOME so we had to bring it along with us on our exciting new bloggy, biscuity, adventure! We also know for a fact, that this sort of story is... Continue Reading →

By the Light of the Moon

Book Biscuit and I are diving in to our first EVER review on our first EVER book blog with this AWESOME picture book, By The Light of the Moon by Tom Percival. Oh. Actually, it’s just going to me this time because Book... Continue Reading →

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