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Perfectly Norman

Book Biscuit and I watched a great little video a while ago that shows the difference between how adults and children think about their bodies. Each person was asked what they would change about themselves, if they could. The children... Continue Reading →


I’ve been lucky this week to get my hands on lots of gorgeous children’s books and super-cute read BEAR ON A BIKE by Hannah Shaw, is one of them. Bear has made a lovely cake for his peppy little friend Mouse.... Continue Reading →


With its gorgeous, lively cover, THE GLUMP AND THE PEEBLE is the sort of picture book you can’t help but pick up. Poor Glump SO wants to dance like a Peeble but he’s just a Glump sitting in his cave, he’s... Continue Reading →


Today’s the day we Remember... Yesterday though, I wasn't convinced that the little people in our house (the actual ones, not just the biscuit kind) really understood what that means... Having given them a few coins for their poppies last week they have... Continue Reading →

You Must Bring A Hat

You Must Bring A Hat, written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Kate Hindley has made it through to our review list because of the pure JOY that Book Biscuit got from it! He thought the joke towards the end was SO funny that he... Continue Reading →

By the Light of the Moon

Book Biscuit and I are diving in to our first EVER review on our first EVER book blog with this AWESOME picture book, By The Light of the Moon by Tom Percival. Oh. Actually, it’s just going to me this time because Book... Continue Reading →

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