With its gorgeous, lively cover, THE GLUMP AND THE PEEBLE is the sort of picture book you can’t help but pick up.


Poor Glump SO wants to dance like a Peeble but he’s just a Glump sitting in his cave, he’s not supposed to dance! And little dancy Peeble? Well she just wants a break from all that social pressure! If only she could just sit and think like a Glump…

And so starts a beautiful friendship.

The rhyming text is a treat to read and the characters of our somber Glump and vivacious Peeble are a great reminder to all of us so-called introverts and extroverts that we shouldn’t have to put up with those boxes all the time! Heck no! If we want to, we can be a bit of both. YAY! Book Biscuit is stepping out of his boring old comfort zone and pulling on his ra-ra skirt RIGHT now…

Visually rich and full of quirky charm, the artwork is a total pleasure right from that striking cover through to each gorgeous brightly plumed page.

We loved this story by Wendy Meddour, it’s a total gem and we think if you are three years old or more, you’re going to love THE GLUMP AND THE PEEBLE too.

Book Biscuit’s best bit

Those lovely characters striding hand in hand in their new-found friendship. And the smiling toadstools too. Definitely the smiling toadstools!


Other interesting things

Talented illustrator Rebecca Ashdown is exhibiting at The Subscription Rooms for Stroud Book Festival throughout this week, showing visitors how she makes her picture books. So if you’re in Gloucestershire it’s WELL worth the trip…



The HOW WE MAKE PICTURE BOOKS exhibition is on until Monday 21st November 2016.