Book Biscuit really likes it when he finds a good story and finishes reading it all by himself in one day so BILLY BUTTON, TELEGRAM BOY went down a treat.


There’s an historical flavour to this book too which is really nice; Billy Button’s family run the post office and local shop before internet, emails and text messages existed. We get a little insight into the importance of the postal system and posting letters and packages and we get to enjoy telegrams too. We learn about the role of the old-fashioned post boy with his bicycle and smart, shiny uniform and we learn a little bit about some very important post office rules…

Billy Button dreams of being a smart post boy and although he’s not really old enough, when some important news comes though he gets his chance to prove himself. Billy’s job is to deliver the news via telegram and in his new role he discovers a friendship that needs some help. Thanks to Billy (and a little bit of rule breaking) these two special friends are reunited. Aww… 



The format of this book is great for small hands and the tones are soft and gentle yet there’s some really lovely, cheeky humour to be enjoyed within the story.

The words are set in clear, smartly laid out text on lovely silky stock with beautiful illustrations. The story is a simple, attainable read for children moving on from picture books.


 Other interesting things:

This is suitable for all ages but for independent reading, we think 5+ readers would go for this story.