Book Biscuit is really excited! Not just because he’s read Claude Going for Gold for the THIRD time in a row, but also because we have our very own, SIGNED copy! Lucky us!

If you’ve yet to discover these books; the Claude stories are about the madcap adventures of a small, plump dog and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock. Brilliant!


In Claude Going for Gold, our favourite beret-wearing, bottom-waggling hero is lamenting to Sir Bobblysock that there is no adventure to be had anywhere! Just then, he trips over his shoelaces and is catapulted down the street and directly into the most stonkingly sporty adventure ever! Amazing!

There’s a parpy trumpet, enormous snazzy sports knickers, sparkly medals, some wonderfully hearty and upbeat sporty types and LOTS of cups of tea (don’t mention the Garibaldis to Book Biscuit though, I’ve told him they’re pretend ones).

Proudly sporting his gigantic snazzy knickers, Claude couldn’t win a race for all the frothy coffees in London but he’s not afraid to have an utterly brilliant adventure and he’s certainly not afraid to stand up to two naughty robbers!

I love Claude’s wild and wacky adventures as much as the super-stylish artwork. Alex T. Smith spoils us with his gorgeous illustrations on Every. Single. Page! And he puts so much humour into each and every one of them, we really do get something new out of every read.

There’s a tremendous amount of value in the text for children who are graduating from picture books too. The well-spaced layout is easy on the eye and the story is immediate and yet jam-packed with jokes, making all the Claude books a really good choice for budding readers.

Book Biscuits best bit:

Book Biscuit’s gone a bit dreamy—he’s imagining hanging out and drinking frothy coffees with Claude and Sir Bobblysock. Aww!

Right I’ve got his attention now… Book Biscuit says he really loves the gold cover on this book. Especially all the medals around Claude’s neck! He also says his best bit is when Claude uses his giant pants to save the day! Obviously.

Other interesting things:

Go HERE to win a copy of the book!*

*This will be a new copy and not our signed copy as that’s Book Biscuit’s and I couldn’t prise it out of his Biscuity little hands if I tried. This is the bit he keeps gazing at…