Book Biscuit and I were feeling SO bored with things like avoiding tidying our rooms and washing our breakfast bowls and then—BOOM!!—we found a proof copy of Cogheart by Peter Bunzl in our READ ME pile! From that moment on, our lives got SO much more interesting and within the first couple of chapters we knew this was going to be a super fun read…


Cogheart is set in an alternative, Victorian steampunk world and stars a plucky girl called Lily who hates her orthodox, Victorian girl’s school. Getting out of the school would normally be a wish come true but not this time—Lily’s father is missing and presumed dead!!

As if things weren’t hard enough for Lily, she soon discovers that since she now has no parents left to care for her, she is to be looked after by a vain and cruel guardian who immediately begins to mistreat her father’s most beloved mechanical servants—the people (sorry, mechs) that Lily loves most! And to top it off, this spiteful guardian isn’t the only shady character closing in on Lily’s life. As more nasty villains appear the mystery surrounding her father’s disappearance gets even more suspect…

Meanwhile, in town, the local clockmaker’s son; Robert, is stuffing up his duties as his father’s apprentice and feeling out of sorts himself when he spots a terrified fox running through the town. Saving the animal from its near death, Robert learns that it is in fact a superbly-constructed, talking mechanical fox called Malkin who is carrying a top-secret message to the daughter of the most well-known and talented mechanical inventor ever. (That’d be our Lily.)

Soon Robert and Lily are thrown into the most dangerous adventure of their lives—and mine and Book Biscuit’s! Together, we must… I mean they must overcome the evil villains, find out what happened to Lily’s father and solve the cogheart mystery. WOAH!

Book Biscuit and I were totally enthralled from the beginning; Cogheart is a story set in a thrilling alternative world, packed full of mystery, creepy villains, rich description and stunning, coggy magic!

Book Biscuit’s best bits:

When Malkin, the ‘mechanimal’ fox bites the evil villain!

Recommended age

Book biscuit and I are pondering on reading age; we think lots of grown-ups would like this story too! I think that all brave-hearted eight year old explorer-types would enjoy this book but Book Biscuit thinks it’s a pretty big story and would perhaps sit easier for those over the age of nine or ten.

Sounds sensible, Book Biscuit! 

Other interesting things:

Luckily Cogheart is out in shops already which is good because Book Biscuit and I LOST our proof copy halfway thought reading it—Book Biscuit is looking very sheepish! Anyway, we had to go and get this gorgeous, PROPER copy which means we have it to give away! (Just to be clear, our proof copy turned up in Book Biscuit’s room underneath a pile of unwashed breakfast bowls).


And this copy has hardly any crumbs in it! Yay! Click HERE to enter.

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