You Must Bring A Hat, written by Simon Philip and illustrated by Kate Hindley has made it through to our review list because of the pure JOY that Book Biscuit got from it! He thought the joke towards the end was SO funny that he just wanted me to read it to him again and again. Bless!


When a little boy receives the biggest, bestest, hattiest invitation to a party—he immediately panicks! He doesn’t own a hat!!


The only hat he can find anywhere is on a monkey. So, naturally, he takes the monkey to the party. When the boy arrives at the party, he is told that no hat-wearing monkeys are allowed…

…unless they’re wearing a monocle.

Ridiculous rule after ridiculous rule follows. Luckily, a monocle-wearing badger is passing but he wants to join the party too. He will only be allowed in on the condition he can play the piano.  Thank goodness he can BUT they need to prove it and to do that, they need a piano. Phew—a piano-lorry driving elephant is just passing but he can’t possibly be let in unless he wears a tutu. Which of course, he doesn’t own. Cue the tutu wearing rabbits! And so the laughs continue; bringing in delightfully expressive characters—and giggles all round.

Alright Book Biscuit, that’s enough giggling now!

Anyway, as you can imagine the little boy has to work REALLY hard to get into this party…

The winning moment for Book Biscuit and I was here:


Now Book Biscuit and I have had a little meeting and we’ve decided that we are NOT going to spoil the surprise for you.We just didn’t see the joke coming in this book! And we don’t want to spoil that triumphant moment in this story. Book Biscuit is shaking his head. In a playful way, obviously.

Anyway, this is good news for you because now you can just buy it or borrow it from the library and read it for yourself!

We’re sorry to mention the illustrations last as they are utterly gorgeous, skilful, funny and all round pleasing. We love Kate Hindley’s style!


Book Biscuit’s (other) best bit:


Other interesting things:

If you are three or over, we think you’ll love this book!

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