Book Biscuit and I think The Boy in the Dress is AWESOME so we had to bring it along with us on our exciting new bloggy, biscuity, adventure! We also know for a fact, that this sort of story is really important to a lot of children. We love that someone as famous as David Walliams wrote it.


I love this story because it comes from such a GOOD place and you can literally feel that through reading it.

The Boy in the Dress is about a talented footballer-boy called Dennis who loves wearing girl’s clothes. When Dennis gets detention with the most beautiful girl in school called Lisa, they soon discover their shared passion for frocks and high heels. Lisa encourages him to dress as a girl and go to school, so they can trick everyone into believing Dennis is Denise. Everyone is fooled until Denise suddenly gets the urge to kick a ball—and soon her hidden identity is revealed to the whole school!

Book Biscuit is wearing his favourite pink tutu today and gripping his favourite football but he’s frowning and this is because we’ve been talking about how—for so tediously long—some people were saying that boys weren’t allowed to like the things Dennis likes. Dennis loves dresses and high heels and make-up and we hope not many people think like that anymore!

Don’t worry Book Biscuit, not only have you done a terrific job putting that lipstick on today but I’m sure everyone loves this story.

Book Biscuit has cheered up now!

Chapter 18 is called A Thousand Smiles which is exactly the lovely, warm feeling you feel at the end of Dennis’ story when his truck-driver father and macho brother turn in to support Dennis in all he does and all that he is.


The Boy in the Dress is heart-warming and funny and just lovely to read.

Book Biscuit’s best bit:

Book Biscuit wholeheartedly agrees with Lisa’s sentiment in this bit:

“Well, I think all those rules are boring. About what people can and can’t wear. Surely everyone should be able to wear what they like?”

Other interesting things:

Woah! This story is EIGHT years old! That might be as old as you! If it is, or even if you’re a year or two younger, then Book Biscuit and I think this story will be right up your street. (That last bit means you’re sure to really like it!)