Book Biscuit and I are diving in to our first EVER review on our first EVER book blog with this AWESOME picture book, By The Light of the Moon by Tom Percival.

Oh. Actually, it’s just going to me this time because Book Biscuit has gone very quiet whilst gazing happily at the tiny silver swirls and twinkling stars that dot the cover of the book…


When Ivan moves house it’s a BIG thing! He can’t sleep with worry. Everything feels strange. And then a shimmering light outside his window captures his attention. Following the light around his new garden, Ivan discovers a quirky, magical creature called Moji. Together they have the sort of nighttime adventure children dream about; they touch the top of the moon, fly though starlit forests and swim at the bottom of the ocean….

touchingthemonnBut when the fun is over and Ivan finds himself back in his new garden, he is still worried until Moji’s magic helps him to see that whilst a new house might not feel like home at first—one day it will.

By the Light of the Moon is a beautiful and soothing magical adventure story to treasure.


By the way, have you ever heard of a waning gibbous? No, nor me, until now… If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this book, you too will be able to discover all about the phases of the moon from the great inside-cover illustrations!


Book Biscuit’s best bit:

Oh no! Book Biscuit is feeling worried because this is his VERY first book review! He doesn’t want to just choose just ONE best bit! He says he loves ALL OF IT!

Okay, but if he has to choose he says it would be the magical moment when the Moji brings Ivan’s toy tiger to life.


Ahh, I like that bit too!

Book Biscuit has gone back to reading By The Light of the Moon and stopped worrying now. Phew! Thank you Tom Percival for writing a book that really does soothe even the biggest worries.

Other interesting things:

By the Light of the Moon is out now in hardback and paperback and is suitable for ages 3+

You can watch the By The Light of the Moon trailer here